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PCX, Inc. announced today the launch of the Trader Advantage Program

PCX, Inc. announced today the launch of the Trader Advantage Program

The “Trader Advantage Program” aka “TAP” was created specifically for its favored US domestic trading Clients.

Huntington Beach, CA, APR 29, 2015 — Approved trading partners will get several benefits from the program. Number one: we will accept all credit cards with no additional fee charged including AMEX. The advantages are many, not the least of which is building up points which can pay for business travel, entertainment, or other expenses so our clients not only benefit with costs savings but accumulate real dollars for other uses by buying parts they would be buying anyways. Number two: any and all orders over 500.00 get free UPS ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Number three: by using your credit card our valued customers avoid the 15.00-17.00 COD charge. Number four: we have no minimum orders (except we cannot cut full reels of resistors or caps unless they are already a partial reel). Number five: our customers can order multiple items to build up the 500.00 free shipping program thereby creating the value of no shipping costs for those items as well.

Gilles Aouizerat, CEO of PCX, Inc. said “we understand how critical shipping and credit card charges can be on the profitability of smaller orders for our trading partners thus the creation of this groundbreaking program.”

Mr. Aouizerat further stated “By creating this program we have eliminated a minimum of three potential cost centers on orders that meet the 500.00 criteria: no shipping (25-50.00 savings); no COD charge (15-20.00 savings); and no credit card surcharges (3-5% of the dollar value of the order which equates to 3.00-5.00 per hundred dollars) which will total a minimum of 55.00 in savings on a 500.00 order. Easily 11-12% savings which can be passed on in part or in whole to our customers’ customer!”

Sara Burrell, Vice President of Sales who had a strong hand in the creation of the initiative went on to say “when we crafted this program, our motive was attracting more sales of course, but it is also about ease of transactional use which saves even more time and money for our customers by ensuring that they do not have to get COD checks ready, or other paperwork associated with the typical distributor to distributor COD transactions”.

The program is effective starting April 25th 2015.

Don Long, Distributor Sales Manager stated “I love the program and I am excited to be able to offer this value to our long-standing trading partners! By creating lower costs for my clients, that means higher profit for them which means they will come back to me more often… it’s just a great win/win!”

“The beauty of the whole program for PCX clients is not only cost savings but also buying quality product with confidence from an AS9120 certified source utilizing the latest authentication processes as defined by IDEA Standard 1010B,” said Ed Dimmler, Director of Quality.

Don can be reached at 714-677-1290 or emailed at for parts inquiries.

Gilles Aouizerat can be reached at 714-374-3070 x8001 or emailed at for comments or questions.

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