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Product Management and Online Marketing Consultant Youssef Hodaigui Launches Personal Blog

Product Management and Online Marketing Consultant Youssef Hodaigui Launches Personal Blog

Atlanta, GA – Youssef Hodaigui, an entrepreneur and career self-starter with over 10 years of expertise in online marketing and product management, is sharing his expertise in creation, development and marketing of new products through his personal blog, Hodaigui’s expertise assists companies in managing available resources to maximize their return on investment (ROI), grow revenue and increase corporate profitability and enterprise value.

Over the last decade, Hodaigui has successfully developed and implemented online marketing campaigns for over 100 businesses of all sizes through creative Internet marketing tactics. He has helped numerous clients improve their brand awareness and customer loyalty, drive more traffic and leads, reduce overhead and improve overall ROI. As a product manager, he has been instrumental in organizing strategic initiatives for clients and has built successful teams to exceed organizational goals and expectations. His expertise as an online marketer is based on more than a decade of experience across all online marketing channels, resulting in increased growth, revenue and ROI.

Hodaigui is partner and head of product management at Atlanta-based iSolveIT, an enterprise mobile workforce management entity, where he leads and motivates a global team of designers, developers and content strategists in creating, implementing and maintaining mobile and web applications. Hodaigui created the UX concept, designed the user interaction flows, implemented the front end, developed a product requirements document, specified information architecture and built a roadmap and executed it to beta stage.

Hodaigui is also principal and owner of effectus360, an online marketing agency offering full-service website design, custom programming and Internet marketing services for multi-sized businesses.

“My goal in creating my personal blog is to share my thoughts and experience in product lifecycle from market research, to product development, positioning and marketing with budding entrepreneurs,” concludes Youssef Hodaigui. “I want what I do to ultimately translate into a highly profitable company bottom line for all the clients I serve now and in the future.”

Youssef Hodaigui’s website is located at . More information can also be obtained by visiting , , , and

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