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RCP Technologies Pvt Ltd Offers Hadoop Online Training

RCP Technologies Pvt Ltd Offers Hadoop Online Training

Hyderabad, India – RCP Technologies Pvt Ltd has offered Hadoop Online Training program that can give budding professionals the wings to scale new heights of success in the field.

More and more companies in the world are investing in Big Data, which is the name of the game. It’s predicted that there will be several new job opportunities in the field for professionals with required training. And now there is Hadoop Online Training in Hyderabad option for beginners and professionals who can work towards making a solid career in the field.

To begin with, the program is quite comprehensive and covers different modules including HIVE, Zookeper, HBASE, PIG, HDFS, SQOOP and more. As a result students are well prepared for the demands that will be made out of them as professionals in the industry. The program is also taught by expert professional with over 7 years of experience in the field, which enhances the learning experience.

The program has been designed in a way that it is informative, concise and brings broadcast quality training to the table. Hence students won’t have any problems keeping up with the course. The training material is also offered to students in audio and video formats to make learning exciting and dynamic.

But one of the biggest advantages of the program is that it is available online, which means students can carry on with their professional obligations while getting trained. However classroom training is also an option for students.

About RCP Technologies Pvt Ltd

RCP Technologies Pvt Ltd offers cutting edge Hadoop Training for professionals who want to get requisite qualifications in the field.

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