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Robby’s Septic Brings Generations of Plumbing Expertise to Lakeland

Robby’s Septic Brings Generations of Plumbing Expertise to Lakeland

25, November 2016: Servicing a septic tank has never been a pleasant experience. But now the residents of Lakeland have got a helping hand in the form of Robby’s Septic Tank Service.

Robbie McLauchlin, the man behind the business, began work in the plumbing trade more than 42 years ago when he was just 13. After working as a plumber for several years, he noticed the same problems cropping up again and again. For one reason or another, people were having problems with their septic tanks and were in need of his help. In 1984, he decided to set up Robby’s Septic Tank Service in Lakeland. The idea was to provide repairs, installation and septic pumping to the local community. The business soon grew when people saw the value in having somebody else do septic jobs for them. Now the company hosts experts with decades of experience in draining septic tanks, cleaning septic systems and so on.

Robby’s Septic Tank Service Brings Expertise To The Lakeland Community

Robby’s Septic Tank Service has the expertise to serve the entire community. The company services both residential and commercial properties that aren’t hooked up to the municipal sewer system.

When working with families and residential properties, the company has systems in place to make sure that sanitary standards are kept as high a possible. One of its priorities is making sure that parents and children remain safe while it carries out its work. Another priority is to make sure that families know how to keep their septic tanks in good working order in the future. Robby’s Septic consults with families about how to maintain them after the work is complete.

Robby’s Septic works with the commercial sector too. The company has a range of licensed master plumbers on its staff with the relevant training to complete any commercial job. They are qualified in all septic tank work, including installation, permitting, design and planning.

Plumbing, Septic, Or Both?

Owner McLauchlin is a plumber by training. Despite job opportunities elsewhere, he found himself constantly coming back to the industry. Now he has a vision for the company as one of the leading plumbing services in the Lakeland area. The company has, therefore, expanded into other areas, besides all things septic tank. There’s a traditional plumbing arm of the business here too which deals with drain cleaning and pipe repair.

McLauchlin himself is a master licensed plumber. This means that he is trained for all plumbing jobs, both residential and commercial. He brings his experience to the rest of his team. The goal of the company is to deliver solutions to customers as quickly as possible. As a result, Robby’s Septic is as much a plumbing company as it is a business that drains septic tanks.

What Customers Say

Customers report that Robby and his team keep them informed and make their options clear. They also note that the company takes great care to ensure that jobs are done right.

You can get in touch with Robby by telephone, or by filling out the contact form on his website.

For Media Contact:
Robby McLauchlin, Owner
9158 Hall Rd,
Lakeland, FL 33809
Telephone: 863-858-6293
Email: Website:

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