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Data Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Asian Academy of Neurology Specialists Offers Additional Support for Plasma Exchange.

Taipei; 31, December 2015: (ISIN:TW0001327872) reports additional findings from a study which shows that plasma exchange accelerates the removal of relapsing forms of MS (multiple sclerosis) from blood serum in patients and may help improve central nervous system immune response based on an in vitro model. The data was presented today at the Annual Meeting of the Asian Academy ... Read More »

Researchers Report Artemin Virtually Restores Complete Long-Term Sensory Motor Function in Preclinical Studies

Taipei; 30, December 2015: (ISIN:TW0001327872) reported that in preclinical studies, injections of the protein Artemin promoted the regeneration of damaged sensory nerve cells and produced virtually complete, long-term restoration of sensory and motor function. Artemin, also known as Neublastin, belongs to a family of proteins, called glial-derived neurotrophic factors, which promote nerve cell survival. The protein is unique because ... Read More »

Chen D. Gou to Become Chairman of

Taipei; 26, December 2015: Braincure Biotech (ISIN:TW0001327872) has recently appointed Chen D. Gou will become Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors, effective immediately. The appointment follows the decision by Tsao T. Wenjung, 65, the Company’s former Chairman, to retire from his position. Mr. Wenjung will retire from the Board at the Company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting. The Board stated, “We ... Read More » Names Lee Yung Lung Chief Operating Officer

Taipei; 28, December 2015: Braincure Biotech (ISIN:TW0001327872) has recently appointed Mr. Lee Yung Lung as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company. Mr. Lung, age 53, has served as Executive Vice President, Global Neurology and Head of International. In his new role, Mr. Lung will oversee all commercial operations as well as the company’s business development function. “In view ... Read More »