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Though forecasting Group on the Year of FIFA 16

13, April 2016: Based on the prediction of maker of TOTY, the gamer can forecast the FIFA 16 team for the impending Team of the Year. The initial prize would be the complete FUT 16 group of your players comprising eleven players. The second prize would be the selection of four players of FUT 16 Group in the Year. The ... Read More »

Why Does the World Love Soccer?

20, February 2016: No longer do people say that soccer is a sport for individuals with no strength or just a game with a bunch of silly people running around a grassy field. Even though everyone is entitled to their opinion, soccer has proven with its fan base, it is the world’s sport. Soccer is unique. It requires very little ... Read More »

Recruiting Managers In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

19, December 2015: When you have the in-game currency, you can go for first investing for the satisfaction of your club exclusively. The mangers along with the contracts must be the first consideration since they are usually introducing the tiny investments. To accumulate the coins in the faster succession, they can go for fifa 16 ut coins in the most ... Read More »