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Have you got a essential tool of tourism—Balance Scooter?


Two wheeled balancing car to take you to the spring outing If winter is gone, can spring be far? In the spring we want to stay away for a spring outing. Wild flowers bloom in the spring, when people see the colorful and fragrant flowers, will naturally stop, take a look at. The study found that the flowers can eliminate ... Read More »

What concerns you most before you buy Self balancing scooter ?

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In twenty-first Century, the development of science and technology is very fast, now have many choices to travel to work. The Self Balancing Scooter is one of the more practical portable transport of. However, consumers must pay attention when purchase the balance car, do not buy a bad balance car. What you need to pay attention to before you buy Self balancing scooter ? Now the sale ... Read More »

How to Maintain your lovely hoverboard?


How to Maintain your lovely hoverboard? The Battery of Self balancing scooter is the most important component need to pay attention upon. Well-maintained battery may still in good performance during use 2 ~ 3 million kilometers; and bad-maintained battery may appear shortage of capacity or damaged after a use of few months. Please do your best to extend your battery ... Read More »

Scooters Electrics is a Specialized Manufacturer of Wide Range of Electronic Scooters

China; 30, June 2016: Purchasing electronic scooters is becoming latest trend among teenagers and college students. These scooters are becoming the cheapest mode of transportation as they run on electricity and thereby reducing expenditures on petrol and fuel. There are many companies that are making such scooters using latest technologies. Scooters Electrics is one such company which manufactures different types ... Read More »

Chanel or Airwheel 2 wheel self balancing Electric Scooter? Choose One as Gift


06, October 2015: Chanel is every woman’s dream and they hope to get Chanel as gifts from their boyfriends and then make it a forever shinning dream for their life. However, recently, more and more woman are spending more attention on something innovative than Chanel, Airwheel self-balancing scooter would explain it. Many woman must know Chanel as the international famous ... Read More »

Put Some Zip into Individual Ride with Airwheel Good Quality Electric Scooter


29, September 2015: There are so many things in the world that people should take a look at. On that account, riding has become a well-received activity around the globe. Some people would stick to traditional transports like bicycles while some would go for novel high-tech vehicles like Airwheel electric scooter. Actually, riding such a transport as Airwheel electric scooter ... Read More »

Catch Up Your Dog with Airwheel Mini Mobility Electric Self-Balancing Scooter


26, September 2015: In modern times, people have more and more entertainment ways to make them happy. On the chase of happiness road, keeping pets is an indispensable part of some people. Keeping pets has become a trend in today’s world. There are many reasons why people keep pets. For the animal lovers, keeping pets is a source of happiness. ... Read More »

Fosjoas Electric Scooter is Like a Bridge between Driving a Car and Walking


26, September 2015: For long-distance travel with heavy luggage, driving a car is the best choice. If the destination is within 1km, walking is a good idea. However, if the distance is ranging from 2km to 50km, what transport can be chosen? After all, riding motorcycle is too cumbersome, while riding a bicycle takes too much physical strength. The advent ... Read More »

Ride Fosjoas Top Electric Scooter to Enjoy Cool Sunshine in Autumn


26, September 2015: The burning summer has gone away and the cool autumn is on her way. Autumn is the peak season for travel and many people are willing to take a trip on weekends so as to enjoy cool sunshine of this season. Light travelling is suitable for beautiful autumn. Here comes a question: what kind of transport is ... Read More »

Shake off Stress by Riding an Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooter


01, September 2015: These days, there is a coloring book named Secret Garden selling like hot cakes in the world. It is said that this book can help people relieve their stress. While coloring the book, people will forget about their burdens and let go of pressure. According to reports, many people are falling for this kind of way of ... Read More »