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Three factors about how to identify the good quality lithium polymer batteries

Three factors about how to identify the good quality lithium polymer batteries

America – Lithium batteries could be mainly divided into lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. The electrolyte of the Lithium-ion battery is in the type of flowing and then this kind of battery is less stable than lithium polymer battery. If it faces with the situation of hit forces beat or using of non-standard charger, the battery exploding will appear. Many cell phones, laptop computers and other portable electronic products apply the lithium ion batteries. In other words, most of us take a ¡°bomb¡±. For safety reasons, the purchasing of the lithium polymer battery should strictly base on the following tips which provided by the famous fast charge battery online seller Padre Electronics.

First, people should confirm whether the battery has the label with the clearly capacity.

If there is no clearly marked capacity, the battery is likely made by the using of poor quality batteries or recycle batteries. There are many cheap poor quality lithium ion batteries on the market with cheap price. Purchasers should pay more attention to this point.

Second, whether there is the clearly guarantee for standby time.

Standby time refers to the time that until the next charging of the battery into the phone. The general batteries on the market can not guarantee to the customer the detailed waiting time as the quality of the battery is unstable. Many inexpensive battery is made by the of poor quality batteries so the standby time is very short.

Third, people should confirm whether the batteries have been installed with the safety protection circuit board.

If the lithium ion batteries have not been installed with protection circuit board, there are the risks for lithium battery deformation, leakage and explosion. In the vicious price competition, most of those manufacturers seek to the lower price protection circuit board or simply omit this device so that the market is filled with danger of explosion of lithium batteries. Consumers can not tell from the appearance of the batteries to confirm whether there is the protection circuit board so they should be best to choose a reputable fast charge battery such as Padre Electronics Co., Limited.

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