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Three main producing methods for the aluminum extrusion profiles

Three main producing methods for the aluminum extrusion profiles

China – Today, the famous China aluminum profile supplier Foshan Honstar Aluminum Products Co., Ltd will introduce with people three main methods for aluminium window profiles making.

Forward extrusion

If the outflow direction of finished aluminum extrusion profile is the same with the extrusion axis movement, we call this working process the forward extrusion which is the most basic extrusion method. With its mature technology, simple process operation, high production flexibility and high products quality, this working process become the most widely used aluminum profile processing method in this industry.

The basic characteristics of forward extrusion should be relative sliding between the billet and the extrusion cylinder. This characteristic let the processing process has great external friction force. This friction is harmful in most cases as it makes metal flow rate become non-uniform, leading to adverse effects ad resulting in extruded products have the non-uniform head and tail tissue properties. On the other hand, the pressing power consumption is also very great as the friction influence.

Backward extrusion

If the outflow direction of finished Aluminum standard profiles profile is opposite with the Metal extrusion products outflow direction, we called it the anti-extrusion which is mainly used for extrusion and making of aluminum tubes and a variety of aluminum molded parts. When it is in the process of the anti-extrusion, the extrusion billet and metal tube do not have relative sliding so the squeeze pressure and friction force is relatively low and the energy consumption is also very low. At the situation of the same device and equipments, the anti-extrusion can achieve a greater degree of compression deformation. Compared with the forward extrusion, the metal flow of anti-extrusion will be mainly gathered in a region near the die orifice. However, the anti-extrusion technology and operations is more complex. But during recent years, with the development of a dedicated equipment and technology, the anti-extrusion method for making aluminum window profiles will become more and more widely.

Composite extrusion method

The Composite extrusion method both integrates the features and characteristics of forward extrusion and backward extrusion. This workmanship could let people produce many complicated shape aluminum profiles such as square, hexagonal, tooth, petal-shaped double cups, cup rod class and club class asymmetric extrusion profiles.

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