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Welcome to Keith & Margo’s Valentine’s Gala

Welcome to Keith & Margo’s Valentine’s Gala

A long waited Valentine’s Gala at Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery killer party has been inviting people all over Texas city. This Valentine gala party held at Omni park West comes with grand entertainment along with celebrity dinner packages. As the romantic song “You Always Hurt The One You Love” plays in the background, all guests are given secret mission of finding the murder mystery. Doesn’t that sound exciting and thrilling?

Theme for this party is the mystery solving with live action, romantic and a pinch of comedy. All guests are welcome to dress up in a semi formal manner. The guests are given with a homicide case to solve and dance and music follows you at every moment.

What’s the take?

All guests can expect a wonderful fun filled, mystery solving party. You can also anticipate a light hearted party environment along with ample number of homicidal maniacs out there! Request your favorite songs any time and the DJ plays them all with great spirit. MMT offers 5 course dinner gourmet and a dashing dance floor. Guests are offered salads, starters and full 5 course dinner package which you can choose from. A lot of fun games, mystery contests, and prizes follow the dance shows. All guests can avail a free complementary breakfast next day.

Wink! Wink! All guests can continue the party in the romantic guest room which comes as the part of the fun filled Valentine’s day package.

Visit their site for itinerary and tickets for the live Valentine’s day bash. If you are looking for an entertaining and fun filled Valentine’s day Gala in and around Texas area, then make sure you don’t miss this out!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or contact us at 972-263-5178. We are also available over email at /

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